A Case Management Transformation is Coming...

Work caseloads faster, enjoy more client visibility and eliminate manual tasks with FAMCare Rapid Case Management Software

Watch a free demo of FAMCare and learn quickly why it is without peer.  

  • A powerful and scalable platform to easily collect, manage and analyze all client data
  • Automate casework and todo lists improving caseworker performance and your ability to improve client outcomes
  • Provide greater insight to your board and funders on your impact

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FAMCare Changes How You Work

With FAMCare agencies see better results typically in the first 30-90 days of production.  FAMCare takes complex, tedious processes and turns them into a few clicks.  We made it a point to include intuitive controls for client enrollment and tracking with powerful dashboards that drive work habits.


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Simple Data Collection | Automated Casework

  • Configurable data forms
  • Change, hide, create data points
  • Build new forms and assessments
  • Create personalized program "pathways" for your clients
  • Give clients and providers their own private "portal"
  • Get a complete 360° holistic view of your clients and agency impact



Best Practice Forms and Processes Keep Your Team on Track

  • Intake/Referral/Demographics
  • Case/Progress Notes and Care Planning
  • Calendar, scheduling, internal messaging, texting and communication
  • Assessments, form letters, releases, electronic signature capture
  • Portals, multi-dimensional security, protected system
  • Dashboards, summaries, hundreds of reports, reporting tools
  • Highly configurable and customizable
  • Form and workflow creation tools
  • Document repository for your paper files