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"The Aging Tidal wave was an interesting read.  The first half of the book presents compelling, if not frightening research.  The second half of the book poses possible solutions with a concentration in technology and software.  A quick read."

         ~ Stephen Keown

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"A Survival Guide for Agency Directors"

The Baby Boom Generation looms over the long-term care industry like a tidal wave. Every year, for the next twenty years, 3 million of the 75 million baby boomers born between 1946 and 1964 will hit retirement age (Barr, 2014).

By 2029, when the last round of "boomers" retires, the number of Americans 65 or older will climb to more than 71 million (Colby & Ortman, 2014). In other words, we are looking at a tidal wave of more than 30 million additional retirees in the next fifteen years.

In this FREE book, you'll learn:

  • The industry "warning signs" and what those dramatic shortages exist that threaten a complete collapse of service
  • The dangerous impact the current senior citizen boom is having on health care
  • How to prepare and scale for the future paradigm
  • 3 Steps to building a solid information foundation