FAMCare - Case Management Software That Helps Agencies Get Better Results!

FAMCare is a fully-hosted, web-based case management software application that helps nonprofit agencies, program directors and caseworkers manage clients faster, smarter and with less effort.


FAMCare changes how you work.newfamcaredemocover.jpg

With FAMCare agencies see better resuls typically in the first 30-90 days of production.  FAMCare takes complex, tedious processes and turns them into a few clicks.  We made it a point to include intuitive controls for client enrollment and tracking with powerful dashboards that drive work habits. 

Workflow is key.


FAMCare is highly customizable.

  1. You decide on what needs to be added;
  2. You meet with our service team and discuss your requirements;
  3. Together we decide if the configurations/customizations can be done by you or our team;
  4. If by our team - your project manager will return a project scope and estimate in a statement of work;
  5. You approve the plan and we get to work.



 imacfront_1283x1083.pngThe Caseload Dashboard

  • Executive dashboard
  • Tailored based on your preferences
  • Configurable caseload menu
  • Supervisor view, in a click
  • Intuitive calendar for scheduling appointments
  • Prompts to notify for alerts and triggers
  • Manage outcomes with caseworker workflow

document.pngDownload the Caseload Dashboard data sheet.



ipadlt_823x978.pngThe Client Profile

The client profile is a comprehensive look into everything there is about the client.  The client profile shows everything from demographic to intake and referral information on the client. 

With "short codes" the client profile form can include information from other areas of the system.  We do this to allow you to add "what's important to you" and your intiatives for easy information retrieval and reporting.



laptopfront_1395x845Intuitive Reporting and Graphing

Out of the box - FAMCare has a list of pre-configured reports that include demographic profiles (gender, ethnicity, race, age), enrollment information, case management information, caseworker performance and many others.