What is the Information Management Scorecard?

Unfortunately, many agencies think they have a more secure and robust data center than they really do.  
We have created a score card that will help you rate how functional, safe and future proof your information management system and processes are.


What You Don't Know Can Hurt You...

And although many will say that the biggest issues they have with their information is availability - often times they "settle" for mediocrity.  You Shouldn't Settle.  And... with so many robust cloud options and opportunities available - it may be time to take a closer look at where the risks are... the risks to your data, your operation and the clients under your care and supervision.  

How to Rate Your Data Security Protocols and Infrastructure!

  • Is your data reportable?
  • Is your information hard to find?
  • Is your information safe?
  • Are you using the latest and greatest technologies as they relate to HIPAA? 
  • Are you prepared for all of the new healthcare changes?    

Download this score sheet today to get a better idea of how your infrastructure and setup rates against today's new standards.